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From Buying Growth to Building Value

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From Buying Growth to Building Value

Increasing Returns with M&A

Boston Consulting Group,

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Companies need to do their homework both before and after an M&A deal.

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A global recovery is helping the value of mergers and acquisitions to grow across a broad geographic and industry spectrum. While the number and size of deals are on the rise, history shows that most transactions fail to add value or achieve anticipated synergies. To avoid the pitfalls that often come with buying and integrating companies, acquirers need to devote significant time and energy to the process. Boston Consulting Group professionals offer timely research and advice to firms looking to create growth and value, and getAbstract recommends their expert work to corporate executives and strategic planners.


The transaction value of mergers and acquisitions in 2014 rose 20% over the previous year to nearly $2 trillion, and 2015 promises to be another robust year. North American–based companies led the pack in 2014 with an 18% annual increase in M&A to reach $1 trillion in total deal value. The Asia-Pacific region scored an impressive 50% rise, totaling nearly $330 billion. Three trends underscored 2014’s global market: First, the highest premiums and values occurred in deals in which firms sought to add or enter “hot high-tech markets.” Second, energy firms and financial institutions were “adapting to a new normal...

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Jens Kengelbach et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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