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Future Focused

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Future Focused

Shape Your Culture. Shape Your Future.

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The optimum corporate culture engages everyone, aligns its moving parts and focuses on the future. 

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Culture helps determine performance, so maintaining a robust corporate culture is vital – a huge challenge in this volatile era with many employees still working from home. Leaders must make sure remote employees are still “living, breathing and experiencing” their company’s culture. Authors Rose Gailey and Ian Johnston tell readers why creating a “future-focused culture” will help their organizations thrive. Writing for senior leaders who are responsible for shaping their organization’s culture, they offer sound strategies for shaping, accomplishing and maintaining your cultural outreach.


The COVID-19 pandemic’s disruptions demand inspired leaders and new approaches to corporate culture.

The pandemic forever changed organizational life, operations and culture. Now, executives face an array of unknown unknowns that no operations manual or business book can solve. The solution available in these trying circumstances is straightforward: inclusion, in your leadership and in your culture. Most firms have come to understand the value of connecting all stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers and related community members – to their mission and values. 

In today’s business environment, senior executives may no longer spend much time physically present with their staff, merchandise or clients. That means CEOs must become leaders who shift their focus to organizational culture and work to align it with their ongoing financial performance.

Clearly, firms can achieve impressive financial dividends when their senior managers tightly focus on linking organizational culture and purpose with performance. Research indicates that internally aligned companies...

About the Authors

Rose Gailey leads the Organization Acceleration and Culture Shaping Center of Excellence within Heidrick Consulting, part of Heidrick & Struggles. Ian Johnston is a partner in the firm’s London office and a member of its global leadership team.

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