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Future Money

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Future Money

What is Zcash (ZEC)?

Zcash Media,

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Digital money is evolving to incorporate greater privacy.

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Cryptocurrencies are clearly disrupting traditional financial markets. In this informative video, contributors at Zcash Media discuss the burgeoning digital asset class, its implications and issues, and its latest entrant, Zcash, which introduces some important innovations. Their accessible presentation offers business leaders and investors good insights into how the technology of money is evolving.


Digital currencies are transforming money and disrupting the conventional financial framework.

Through the centuries, money has assumed various forms – gold, commodities, fiat currencies and now blockchain-based digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are a 21st-century solution to an economic problem that money was designed to address – “the double coincidence of wants.” Specifically, money in all its manifestations provides a means of exchange between parties who desire different goods and services.

But governments can print fiat money without regard to value, and so citizens can see their purchasing power erode.&#...

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Zcash Media and its contributors produced this video.

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