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Gen Z Trends Report

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Gen Z Trends Report

Zebra IQ,

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An expert on gen Z offers valuable insights into this diverse, creative and politically active group.

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Generation Z – diverse, well-educated, politically active and digitally native – is shaping perspectives and influencing culture online and offline. In a living report for Zebra Intelligence available in the form of a slide deck, Tiffany Zhong – Zebra’s founder and CEO, and an expert on marketing to gen Z – offers a wealth of insights to empower brand managers to win on social media and market to this important group. The report covers 10 major subject areas, including communication, content creation, fashion, activism and sports.


Gen Zers feel at home online.

Gen Z – people born between 1995 and 2010 – make up 35% of the world’s population. Members of a mobile-first, video-first generation, gen Zers mostly keep in touch with friends on FaceTime and feel comfortable doing multiple things simultaneously while they video chat. They hang out online at third places such as Fortnite, Discord, Instagram and Twitch. These platforms provide a place to meet and connect with people. Some offer opportunities to participate in exclusive experiences. More than any generation before, gen Zers build their identity digitally as well as physically, and they value safe places to do this.

However, many gen Zers feel they spend too much time online. More than 20% say they spend too much time on TikTok. According to the co-founder and CEO of avatar technology company Genies, Akash Nigam, for gen Z, “mindless scrolling” has become as addictive as “mindless eating” was for their parents – but many gen Zers have become self-aware and participate in frequent social media “detoxes.”

In communications with gen Zers, brand managers should focus on short-form video and emoji-heavy messaging. Keep in mind gen Zers’ ...

About the Author

Tiffany Zhong is founder and investor at Pineapple Capital as well as founder and CEO of Zebra Intelligence, a platform that empowers creators to build businesses around their communities.

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