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Get It Together

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Get It Together

Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work and Design Your Success


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What's inside?

Career expert Lauren Berger provides practical tips for managing your life and reducing stress. 

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Most people today are inordinately busy and feel constant stress, worry and anxiety. Career expert Lauren Berger offers practical tips and valuable advice on how to prioritize your tasks, projects and daily duties; stay ahead of new obligations; avoid common distractions; organize and manage your life productively; and enjoy better relationships. She interviewed productivity, time management, organization and efficiency experts to compile this informative life-management manual. Berger lists her own activities as a helpful guide and provides useful goal-setting and scheduling tools.


Many people are inordinately busy and, as a result, suffer distraction, pressure and stress.

Are you frazzled but still behind after working long hours? Fully 61% of working Americans report they don’t have enough time to do what they would like to do. To escape the frenzy, move from the busy buzz and create your own “distraction-free zone.” Forget about trying to meet everyone else’s expectations. Concentrate on what matters to you and develop a practical plan to achieve your goals.

People want to get their lives together.

The “Get It Together” (GIT) guiding principles offer practical solutions for organizing your life instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out:

  • “Love yourself” – No one is perfect, so stop trying to be. You’re only human, so don’t put undue pressure on yourself. Loving yourself and treating yourself well will increase your calmness and centeredness and reduce your agitation.
  • “Create healthy boundaries” – Do you turn yourself inside out every time someone makes a request? Set firm limits...

About the Author

Lauren Berger is CEO and founder of CareerQueen and InternQueen, two websites devoted to helping people achieve their dream careers. Her YouTube channel has more than 1.2 million views. She also wrote the best-selling books All Work, No Pay and Welcome to the Real World

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