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Organizations that launch gender diversity initiatives haphazardly or without proper understanding can do more harm than good, explain a team of Boston Consulting Group professionals. They conducted a global survey of about 17,500 employees and more than 200 senior executives to find out what truly works. Get the highest yield on your gender diversity investments by following their three tried-and-true “imperatives.”


Companies want to optimize their gender diversity investments but often don’t know how. Blindly testing initiatives squanders resources, saps leaders’ confidence in the investments and discourages women. Avoid these pitfalls by heeding three “imperatives”:

  1. Know which gender issues affect your firm – Do diversity policies lack middle management’s support? Are biases embedded in your culture? Top leaders – especially men – often don’t understand the scope of issues as comprehensively as women do. Thus, you may need to broaden or correct your understanding. For...

About the Authors

Jennifer Garcia-Alonso, Matt Krentz, Frances Brooks Taplett, Claire Tracey and Miki Tsusaka are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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