Summary of Four Priorities Requiring Leadership for South Africa’s Future

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Four Priorities Requiring Leadership for South Africa’s Future summary
South Africa has made great progress in the two decades since the end of apartheid, yet it still has much to do.


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Since apartheid ended, South Africa has diversified its economy and now can boast strong democratic and social reforms. Yet, as this on-the-ground report from Boston Consulting Group professionals in Johannesburg explains, income inequality, as well as inadequate education, health care and employment, threatens the country’s growth and stability. getAbstract recommends this succinct but comprehensive overview to executives with interests in the region.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How South Africa has progressed since the end of apartheid,
  • What critical gaps threaten the country’s way forward, and
  • How government and business can address these challenges effectively.


South Africa is a flourishing young democracy whose economy has grown markedly since the end of apartheid in 1994. But despite its progress, a number of issues are suppressing the country’s potential, each of them interconnecting in “a vicious circle that undermines prosperity and social well-being.” ...
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About the Authors

Adam Ikdal et al. are professionals at the Boston Consulting Group’s Johannesburg office.

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