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Google Isn’t Safe from Yahoo’s Fate summary
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In 2000, Yahoo had a rosy future and 185 million users each month. But management missteps, including its failure to acquire Google and Facebook, led to the company’s downfall. Writing for TechCrunch, Nativo CEO Justin Choi explains why Google – a seemingly untouchable monopoly – must revamp its digital advertising structure to address the “organic discovery” trend. Doing so would put it in a better position to compete with Facebook and help Google avoid similar missteps that Yahoo took years ago. getAbstract recommends this article to marketing and advertising leaders interested in current advertising trends.

About the Author

Justin Choi the founder and CEO of Nativo, a native advertising company.



Today, Google is the world’s top search engine, but to stay that way, it will have to learn some hard lessons from Yahoo’s downfall. Five points Google leaders should keep in mind when they address “digital content monetization” changes include:

  1. Google in 2016 = Yahoo in 2000? It’s possible” – Google’s stock prices continue to rise, and mobile advertising revenue is growing. However, the company isn’t keeping up with digital advertising trends. When it comes to audience engagement and discovery, Google is still focused on “browsers and websites” instead of on “apps and feeds...

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