Growing Great Employees
A review of

Growing Great Employees

Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers

Erika AndersenPortfolio • 2006

Nurture Employee Growth

by David Meyer

Consultant and author Erika Andersen explores a gardening metaphor to help you hire, nurture and retain the best employees.

This useful guide offers strategies that can help you nurture your staff’s productivity as you develop as a manager. Erika Andersen, founder of the consulting firm Proteus International, provides case studies and hands-on tools that enable you to apply what you learn as you read. 

As a gardener prepares the soil…to allow the plants an ideal growing environment, listening well creates the ideal human growth environment.Erika Andersen

Her excellent manual explains how to become a master at hiring and retaining strong employees, a crucial facet of building your business. Andersen also provides insightful advice on how to decide that someone isn’t going to fit in and how to let that person go gracefully and with compassion.

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