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Help! I Work with People

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Help! I Work with People

Getting Good at Influence, Leadership, and People Skills

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Learn to become a good leader by knowing yourself, connecting with others and strategically leading teams.

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Follow the path evangelical pastor Chad Veach lays out to become a worthy leader. He covers the three aspects of good leadership: knowing yourself, learning to connect with people, and building teams that achieve your goals. Religion appears throughout, but isn’t Veach’s main focus. With the right intentions, Veach asserts that you will generate influence and use it for the greater good. He posits leadership as a lifelong learning process.


People from all walks of life are leaders.

As a teacher, parent or pastor, your leadership skills matter. Leading people can be rewarding when you do it correctly. If not, it can be a nightmare. Leaders influence people to work together to achieve a shared goal.

Remember to be a person first, and relate to people on a human level. Always care for people, and never influence them for self-aggrandizement.

Leadership starts with you, not the people you lead.

Blaming others for your failures as a leader is ridiculous. Leadership means leading yourself – controlling your behavior, thoughts and feelings.

Leadership is a set of skills you can learn. Your weaknesses needn’t impede your ability to lead. Be authentic, and inspire people to follow you.

When you aspire to become a good leader, invest in yourself. National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James invests $1.5 million annually in his physical and mental well-being. Adopt a similar mind-set. Put time and effort into developing a community of people, carving out time off and pursuing professional development opportunities. Trust the team you have in place...

About the Authors

Author and evangelical pastor Chad Veach heads the ZOE Church in Los Angeles and hosts the podcast Leadership Lean In.

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    P. S. 1 year ago
    Always been a Maxwell fan, never disappoints
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    very helpful. a good blue print to follow.

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