How Can a Foreign Company Enter the Russian B2B Market?

Report How Can a Foreign Company Enter the Russian B2B Market?

Effective B2B Marketing Strategies in Russia

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As the demand for foreign goods and services in Russia increases, international companies have a golden opportunity to acquire Russian B2B clients. Although this report by Vadim Tylik provides valuable tips for attracting and holding onto Russian clients, its casual tone is distracting and makes it harder to treat the information seriously. Nonetheless, getAbstract recommends this paper to B2B marketers, entrepreneurs and Russian-market analysts.


Foreign companies must act quickly to seize opportunities for B2B marketing in Russia. In 2013, the World Bank placed Russia’s GDP ninth in the world. To reduce costs, as well as obtain “technologically advanced goods,” Russian businesses must engage with foreign companies. To seize this opportunity, take the first step and initiate contact with Russian consumers. The main challenge is to elicit their confidence. It’s critical to ensure that all communication – whether intended to advertise, promote or sell – takes place in the Russian language.

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Vadim Tylik is founder and president of the Russian Marketing and Advertisement Agency. He helps foreign businesses design and employ marketing strategies to enter the Russian market

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