Entrepreneur Ashwini Anburajan believes the traditional venture capital model is obsolete. The staid paradigm has failed to change with the times and now benefits only companies with billion-dollar potential. She presents an alternative that democratizes access to start-up capital and has the potential to fuel innovation, social change and diversity. Anburajan’s engaging presentation will appeal to anyone who is interested in launching a start-up but who lacks friends in high places to help get the venture off the ground. 


When serial entrepreneur Ashwini Anburajan was pitching a start-up to venture capitalists, one investor liked her proposal – telling her to expect to raise $4 million or $5 million and to sell her company for between $50 million and $70 million – but declined to invest. Anburajan was stunned. Who wouldn’t want that kind of return? She cast a critical eye on the outmoded venture capitalist (VC) model. Alas, its structure means that only the few companies that expect to sell for $1 billion or more manage to secure funding, while smaller promising companies lose out. ...

About the Speaker

Ashwini Anburajan is the founder and CEO of Social Data Collective and OpenUp, two ad tech firms.

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