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How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing

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How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing


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Thanks to Google, many marketers no longer understand the distinction between strategies and channels.

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Google Analytics may feel like a boon to modern marketers, but increased reliance upon the service has led to the confusion between marketing channels and marketing strategies. marketing director Samuel Scott offers practical examples that reveal why comprehending the respective roles of marketing strategies and channels remains vital in the digital age. He further discusses how Google Analytics limits marketers’ abilities to accurately measure the impact of specific strategies. getAbstract recommends this article to marketers and business owners either using or considering using Google Analytics.


Thanks, in large part, to the advent of Google Analytics, many marketers today have little understanding of marketing lexicon and best practices. In particular, marketers have lost a sense of the differences among “marketing strategies, marketing channels and marketing content.” When discussing “Facebook marketing” or “content marketing,” for example, you aren’t talking about two strategies, but rather a channel on which a piece of content appears and an entity produced as the result of a chosen strategy, respectively. Ignoring these distinctions...

About the Author

Samuel Scott is a Crunch Network contributor and the director of marketing and communications at, an Israel-based company that offers log analysis services.

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