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How Overnight Shipping Works

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How Overnight Shipping Works

Wendover Productions,

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Wendover Productions sheds light on the logistics of logistics. 

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When you overnight a package from halfway around the world, do you ever wonder about the many cogs and gears that must perfectly align to get your order to your door the next day? Express shipping is “an absolute masterpiece of logistics,” says Wendover Productions, whose fact-filled video sheds light on an industry that operates mainly under cover of darkness. getAbstract recommends this analysis to those curious about the logistics of logistics.


FedEx, DHL and UPS all provide global overnight courier services, even to remote corners of the world. These freight companies operate global air networks through major hub airports. FedEx, “the largest cargo airline in the world,” transports six million packages via 650 planes nightly, mainly through its hub airports. Its “superhub” in Memphis, Tennessee, is located just 200 miles [320 km] away from the United States’ mean population center. Therefore, FedEx’s superhub is primed to reach the most Americans in the fastest time. Each night between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., some 150 FedEx planes fly into...

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Wendover Productions publishes videos exploring the intricacies of global travel, geography and economies.

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