How Private Equity Can Capture the Upside in a Downturn

How Private Equity Can Capture the Upside in a Downturn

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Private equity has had some good years lately, when deals and money have flowed in. But an economic slowdown could undermine that success. In this authoritative report, Boston Consulting Group professionals advise private equity firms on how to turn a future economic slide into opportunities to make daring and innovative changes that will strengthen their positions. Financial executives will appreciate this expert view on the upside of a potential downturn.


Signals of an economic slowdown are flashing red.

In 2019, the pace of growth in large economies eased, and forecasters revised their estimates downward. Trade and business confidence is slowing, and uncertainty lies in ongoing geopolitical issues that could exacerbate commercial disruptions. Overall, private equity (PE) companies should remain guarded, but they should not overreact. Economic sluggishness can create new opportunities for firms with strong foundations.

Private equity companies are more resilient than they once were.

PE firms today are in a better situation than they...

About the Authors

Christian Ketels et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group .

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