How the World Sees You

How the World Sees You

Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet offered this sage counsel: “Know thyself and to thine self be true.” If you don’t understand what makes you uniquely you – if you don’t know yourself – how can others perceive what you offer? For professionals and companies, being the distinctive exception means delivering increased, genuine value to your clients or customers. Branding expert Sally Hogshead shows you how to learn who you are and how the world sees you. She helps you identify your specific, powerful “Fascination Advantages” – your most effective personality traits – and explains how best to present yourself to others based on those advantages. While this level of self-inspection and self-promotion may seem a little over the top, the tools Hogshead offers are very useful, including a code that provides a free Fascination Advantage assessment. getAbstract recommends her self-appraisal strategies to readers who want to identify and leverage their personal strengths.


Greatness Can Go Unnoticed

Joshua Bell, one of the world’s greatest violinists, earns $1,000 per minute in command performances at high-priced concerts. In an experiment, Bell played his violin during rush hour in a Washington, DC, subway station. A thousand distracted subway riders walked past Bell, but they disregarded him and were oblivious to the beautiful music he was creating for their benefit.

If this virtuoso couldn’t get people to pay attention to him in the subway, how can you stand out from the crowd in your own busy environment? You could be one of the best in the world at what you do, but that won’t make any difference if people can’t separate you from the background noise. If they don’t see you – if you don’t fascinate them – then you aren’t really there.

You Must Fascinate

You were born with an instinctive ability to captivate; babies always enthrall their parents. But, soon you learned to protect yourself by building a shell and trying to blend in with everyone else. Society encourages children, from their earliest days, to avoid standing out. They learn to conform, to fit in and to wait patiently in line. For most youngsters, attaining...

About the Author

Sally Hogshead is CEO and founder of How to, a consultancy and website aligned with this New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. For your sample test, go to:

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