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How to Age Well

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How to Age Well

The New York Times,

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A few simple lifestyle changes can help you to live and stay healthy longer.

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The Internet is full of antiaging advice, but which parts of it are worthwhile and have the backing of science? New York Times columnist Tara Parker-Pope has gathered the evidence from numerous studies on the topic and dishes out well-portioned advice how to make incremental changes to help you slow the effects of aging and stay healthy longer. Nothing among her recommendations requires a lot of time or money to implement. getAbstract recommends her list of simple, regular activities to people who aren’t merely interested in slowing the signs of biological aging, but in actually reversing them.


To delay the effects of aging, avoid sugar-laden processed food and drink. Instead, eat plant-based foods, grains, fish and lean meat. For a boost of nutrients, fiber and carotenoids, increase dark-colored fruit like blueberries and dark leafy greens. Real food is better than supplements. Cut out processed meats; their high salt content and nitrate preservatives lead to a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer. Lose a little weight if you can. A reduction of 5% of body weight results in a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease...

About the Author

Tara Parker-Pope is an author of books on health topics and a columnist for the New York Times.

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