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How to Become an Executive with Adam Bryant

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How to Become an Executive with Adam Bryant

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Adam Bryant reveals the secrets of ascending the corporate ladder and the nuances of leadership.

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In this episode of the How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast, host Pete Mockaitis and guest Adam Bryant reveal the crucial steps to becoming an executive. They discuss the art of effective delegation, the importance of a reliable “do-to-say” ratio and the essence of making important decisions. Bryant shares enlightening stories and experiences, highlighting how top leaders differentiate themselves. Learn why some rising executives tap out and how the ambitious can leverage the unique challenges of our times for career success. 


Aspiring leaders should always ask, “What can I learn from this experience?”

Effective leaders constantly reflect on experiences and learn from them. When you maintain an open mind, you can find lessons everywhere. Various CEOs – particularly those with unconventional backgrounds – demonstrate the effectiveness of continually questioning, observing and understanding your environment.

Embrace silence and take time to process experiences instead of constantly consuming information. This quiet patience leads to profound insights and more sound decision-making.

Communicate your goals and strategies.

Leaders must set a clear path and ensure that everyone can follow it. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, exemplifies this behavior. He ...

About the Podcast

Pete Mockaitis hosts the podcast How to Be Awesome at Your Job and Adam Bryant is senior managing director and partner at the ExCo Group.

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