Content specialist Brent Barnhart gives examples of how companies are successfully marketing their products via social media, including the content originator’s own analysis and tracking products. Having defined goals, creating themed content and understanding the role that user-generated content can play in your social strategy are all important. Barnhart’s article can provide a useful social marketing road map for 2019 and beyond.


Social media marketing experienced serious turbulence in 2018. Increasing privacy concerns around handling user data, changes to Facebook’s algorithm to deprioritize branded content and the continuing rise of Instagram all contributed to a changing marketing ecosystem. Brands looking to maximize ROI and convert likes into sales need a strategy. You can profit by following five steps:

  1. “Set goals that address your biggest challenges” – Define realistic social marketing goals according to budget and resources. If the goal is raising brand...

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Brent Barnhart specializes in writing articles and blog posts primarily in the areas of small business, the internet and content marketing. 

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