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How to Create Standout Virtual Events

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How to Create Standout Virtual Events

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To grab your audience’s attention at virtual events, keep your talk short and change the format often.

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Even if you have a track record of holding multi-day events in person, now you may need to move them online, and rethink each event. A two-day event in a large ballroom may become a two-hour session online. Tyler Davidson, VP of Meetings Today, hosts co-authors Michelle Manafy and David Meerman Scott whose book, Standout Virtual Events, centers on how to conduct lively online events. Their biggest lessons are to make everything short, keep it moving and think of your meeting or event as a broadcast production, with or without a large budget.


Rethink how you can conduct your events online; don’t just replicate in-person meetings. 

David Meerman Scott, who used to speak at 30 to 50 events a year but was grounded by the pandemic, knew he had to take action after he experienced several bad online events. He worked with colleague Michelle Manafy, the editorial director of the Digital Content Next trade association, to define better ways to conduct meetings online.

Realizing that they could not and should not just replicate in-person events online, they set out to codify how event planners and speakers can rethink their gatherings to succeed in a virtual environment. Scott and Manafy’s book, Standout Virtual Events, is the manual behind this conversational podcast with Meetings Today vice president Tyler Davidson.

Scott equates an in-person event with being in a theater. He says a virtual event should be like a movie. During an online event, change what you’re doing every three or four minutes...

About the Podcast

Tyler Davidson is the Chief Content Director for Meetings Today. Frequent public speaker David Meerman Scott and Michelle Manafy co-authored Standout Virtual Events. Manafy is the editorial director of the Digital Content Next media trade association.

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