How to Decide
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How to Decide

Simple Tools for Making Better Choices

Annie DukePortfolio • 2020

Better Decisions

by David Meyer

Renowned professional poker player Annie Duke offers basic tools and refreshing insights to help you make more productive decisions and reduce regrets about decisions you already made.

Most people struggle to explain their good decision-making process. Former professional poker player Annie Duke helps you make better choices and indulge in less regret over the choices you’ve already made. She overturns common assumptions, and shares simple, workable tools to help you gauge risks and rewards more accurately. Many people approach decision-making poorly, says Duke, because they don’t confront their biases or seek outside perspectives.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a neophyte job hunter, Duke helps you prioritize your options, recognize how you might undermine yourself, keep an open mind, overcome your biases and avoid toxic hindsight.

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