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Executive speechwriter Janet Stovall readily admits that she has a single-minded focus on racism. As a college student, Stovall successfully challenged Davidson College to enroll more black students and hire more black professors through Project ’87. She brings this same intensity to tackling corporate racism. getAbstract recommends her inspiring talk to corporate diversity professionals and human resources officers.


In 1984, Janet Stovall was a junior at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina, a town where white people and black people lived on opposite sides of the tracks. The police often stopped and questioned Stovall and Davidson’s other black students. Of 1,200 students, only 52 were black. Stovall launched Project ’87, a challenge to Davidson to enroll 100 black students, hire 10 black professors and offer five Black Studies classes by 1987. If the college failed to meet these attainable goals, Stovall’s committee would publicly denounce the institution’s indifference to diversity. By 2018, 185 black students attended the...

About the Speaker

Janet Stovall is the primary speechwriter for the CEO and other top executives at UPS.

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