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How to Grow the Fuck Up

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How to Grow the Fuck Up

A Guide to Humans

Mark Manson,

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Ever feel like you’re just a big baby in an adult’s body? Mark Manson wants to help you to “grow the fuck up.”

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Blogger and expert on personal development advice “that doesn’t suck,” Mark Manson explains why you are really a small impatient child or a cynical adolescent at heart. His writing style is irreverent and unapologetically profane. If telling adults to “grow the fuck up” seems a bit much, this isn’t the article for you. For those who can get past the language, he offers genuine insights into the psychology of emotional maturity. His playful style encourages self-reflection without angst. getAbstract recommends this article to readers with a sense of humor and an interest in personal growth.


If you are having trouble finding your way, heed some tips on how to “grow the fuck up”: 

  • “What it’s like to grow up” – As each childhood experience makes us feel enjoyment or pain, we form preferences and an understanding of cause and effect. Soon, we realize the world is too big to try everything, so we develop rules. Adolescents learn to control their impulses through negative consequences like getting hurt or being punished.
  • “How to be an adult” – Adolescent bargaining works up to a point, but it’s emotionally empty. Manipulation won...

About the Author

Mark Manson is an author, blogger and entrepreneur.

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