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How to Manage Your Career

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How to Manage Your Career

The New York Times,

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Take control of your life by planning your career wisely.

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Whether you are facing an uncertain job situation, looking to break into the gig economy or still feel happy at your current job, the time is always right to take the long view and align your career with your core values and strengths. To help you navigate the plethora of available career advice, New York Times business desk editor Kevin Granville provides a condensed overview of expert advice on how to handle some of the most common career challenges. getAbstract recommends this piece to those in a mid-career slump.


The daily requirements of your job can easily make you lose sight of the big picture – your career. While jobs are temporary, your career encompasses the entirety of your professional life, including your talents and skills as well as your personal goals and values. To fine-tune your career on a regular basis:

  • “Build a strong foundation” – Build and maintain a broad network of people you can lean on when you need advice or look for new opportunities. Make sure you stay on top of your field by joining professional organizations and enrolling in training sessions and courses. Engage...

About the Author

Kevin Granville is an editor on the business desk of The New York Times

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