How to Prevent the Next Pandemic
A review of

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Bill GatesKnopf • 2022

Preventable Pandemics

by David Meyer

Again offering his thoughts and strategies concerning a massive global problem, Bill Gates proves a font of common sense, straight talk and workable solutions.

In 2015, Microsoft founder Bill Gates predicted a COVID-19-like contagion. He warned that nations lacked preparation, and that the disease might cause 30 million deaths and trillions of dollars of economic damage. Few listened then, but many listen now. Clearly and cogently, Gates explains pathogens and their spread. He provides an actionable blueprint for preventing future pandemics that proves practical, affordable and necessary.

New Pathogens

Most pathogens transfer from animals to humans, as COVID-19 likely did. Some do no harm, while others, such as AIDS, kill millions. An outbreak is local and becomes an epidemic when it spreads throughout a region. A pandemic means a pathogen crosses continents.

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