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Apathy, among other factors, is partially responsible for giving radical movements space to gain a foothold in modern politics. Human rights activist Hajer Sharief teaches the importance of political participation among all citizens – especially youngsters. She believes that introducing diplomacy skills at the family dinner table, a microcosm of the larger political stage, can inspire youths to remain engaged in politics into adulthood. Her idea ought to resonate with parents responsible for raising the next generation of politicians and voters.


Political participation begins at home.

As a child, human rights activist Hajer Sharief honed her political skills during her family’s “Friday Democracy Meetings.” At the family dinner table, she learned how to negotiate, compromise, build alliances and voice her needs.

When she withdrew from the meetings between the ages of 10 and 13, Sharief learned a valuable lesson: Retreating from political participation leaves you at the mercy of others, who will inflict their decisions on you without your input. When you fail to participate in discussions, injustice flows your way.

Engaging in politics doesn’t require you to become an activist.


About the Speaker

Hajer Shareif is a human rights activist and a co-founder of the Together We Build It Foundation.

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