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Humanity Reimagined

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Humanity Reimagined

Where We Go from Here

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Humans shape innovation; innovation shapes humanity.

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Ernst & Young executive Martin Fiore discusses how humanity and technology converge and how globalization, innovation and changing demographics are shaping the future. He reminds leaders of the primacy of inclusivity and sustainability, though he recognizes their challenges. Providing a succinct summary of topics – such as trust and ethics – that more specialized authors cover in depth, Fiore addresses leaders who are uneasy about the constantly shifting status quo.


Technological advances must align with core human values.

Humans’ use of technology has accelerated since the First Industrial Revolution (1765-1870), when machines replaced handmade tools. The Second Industrial Revolution (1870-1969) involved the spread of mass production, and the Third Industrial Revolution (1969-2000) charted technology’s rapid expansion into daily life. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2000-2018) spread digitization, automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Humanity now faces the beginnings of the Fifth Industrial Revolution. For millennia, the human brain was the most complex thinking machine on the planet. Today’s intelligent machines augment human’s ability to collect data, analyze and interpret it, and solve problems. These machines operate faster than former models and with greater accuracy. What does this mean for humanity, leaders and business organizations? 

To harness technological advancements to improve human lives, people must agree on what improvement entails, and then dedicate themselves to it and spread positive results. People must prioritize human needs over the transactional factors...

About the Author

Martin Fiore is a tax managing partner at Ernst & Young LLP (EY) US East Region, where he serves as a member of its Americas Tax Leadership team and the Americas Inclusiveness Advisory Council.

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