A review of


Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change

Socially Responsible Investing

by David Meyer

Pioneering philanthropist and social financier Sir Ronald Cohen details why the world needs conscious, socially aware profit-making.

Pioneering philanthropist and venture capitalist Sir Ronald Cohen offers an impassioned plea for a new way of doing business globally. His prescription calls for an “Impact Revolution” that redirects the profit motive to solve the world’s thorniest problems, such as income inequality and climate change. Both enlightening and inspiring, Sir Ronald’s advice is sound.

Business as Usual

Cohen’s basic proposition is that the world economy is broken – African economic refugees risk their lives to sail to Europe; France, Lebanon and Chile have experienced violent protests; and British voters opted for Brexit. Environmental degradation has run amok. OECD member countries spend $10 trillion per year on health and education, but inequality continues to grow.

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