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Inclusivity at Work: The Heart of Hard Conversations

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Inclusivity at Work: The Heart of Hard Conversations

Brené Brown with Aiko Bethea Part 1

Dare to Lead by Spotify Originals,

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Brené Brown and Aiko Bethea engage in a passionate and urgent discussion about how to instigate transformational change in the workplace.

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In the wake of George Floyd’s death, Aiko Bethea wrote a powerful exhortation on that went viral, imploring corporate leaders to push forward with racial justice initiatives. In this provocative and poignant podcast episode of Dare to Lead with Brené Brown, Bethea and Brown discuss concrete actions that companies can take to promote diversity, equality and inclusion, along with the systemic barriers that remain in their way. Bethea and Brown’s deep exchange of ideas will inspire any leader who wants to create a more just workplace.


To make meaningful progress, workplaces need to embrace a shared definition of diversity, equity and inclusion.

When an institution commits to meaningful change, it should embrace a shared definition of important terms. Diversity means including people of different races, genders and nationalities, but a group is not meaningfully diverse if everyone in it has the same level of privilege. That’s where equity comes in. Equity means addressing historical and systematic disparity by including marginalized people. Diversity extends to people with disparate sexual orientations and mental health statuses.

One can only tap the full power of diversity by joining it together with inclusion, when individuals in a group feel free to express their unique views.


About the Podcast

Dare to Lead is a podcast based on Brené Brown’s best-selling playbook for leaders. Brown is an influential researcher, author and TEDx speaker. Her guest Aiko Bethea is the founder of RARE Coaching & Consulting.

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