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Influence and Impact

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Influence and Impact

Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs from You the Most


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Many leaders don’t get the esteem they deserve because they don’t energize the purpose of their career.

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Many outstanding leaders don’t get the acclaim they deserve. Bill Berman and George Bradt explain that these leaders may fail to put the necessary level of energy into important parts of their careers or they act in a way that doesn’t sync with their corporate culture. To increase your status and prominence, clarify your reasons for working and your mission. Understand why certain people or events require your presence, realize why you’re necessary and then apply that insight to earn the respect you deserve.


Many skillful managers and leaders do not get acclaim and esteem for their work.

In the best cases, executives and employees find satisfaction in doing their part to shape their organization’s behavior. But, quite often, leaders and managers find they can’t influence their colleagues’ actions and choices. They sense that people don’t respect them enough, but they don’t know what to do about it.

Managers at all levels may be confused about which aspects of their jobs they should consider vital. As a result, they might neglect putting the requisite energy into the parts of their career that matter most. Or they could do the right work and still act in a way that is out of sync with their company culture.

For example, Ian worked in a bank where everyone dressed formally. He dressed casually, not realizing that this made it hard for him to influence other bankers. Fortunately, his mentor, a senior executive, gave him a promotion, but he also told Ian to scrap his casual wardrobe. He took him shopping for a suit, so he could “look the part.” 

Managers need to know what ...

About the Authors

Bill Berman established and heads Berman Leadership Development. George Bradt is chairman of PrimeGenesis, which specializes in executive and team onboarding.

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