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Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to Create Successful Influencer Marketing

Kogan Page,

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Learn to creatively engage consumers by teaming up with influencers.

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Brands hoping to stand out from the competition and connect with consumers should turn to creative Influencer Marketing (IM) campaigns, says Gordon Glenister. With aspects of traditional marketing facing potential obsolescence, Glenister urges brands to cultivate beneficial relationships with influencers to find creative solutions to marketing challenges. He reveals the different types of influencers, and how to embrace best practices and create a winning IM campaign strategy to achieve your key objectives.


Influencer Marketing (IM) disrupts traditional marketing.

Many brands today turn to influencers and content creators for audience outreach, giving rise to a new wave of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Consumers often use online ad blockers, so partnering with creators and influencers can help you create content that appears in consumers’ social media news feeds. Seek out influencers and creators whom audiences view as relevant and authentic. An survey reveals that people tend to follow individuals who entertain them or teach them something new. Gen Z values creativity more than previous generations, with nearly 60% rating it the most desirable trait a person can possess – for boomers, it’s trustworthiness – so you need a creative approach to IM. 

Whether you’re a small business or emerging brand, if you work with influencers, make sure they resonate with your target audience and can convey your brand’s message. Choose someone your target customer trusts, as consumers are more likely to purchase products and services if they see social proof of concept. Many brands are making influencers central to their campaigns...

About the Author

Gordon Glenister is the Branded Content Marketing Association’s global head of influencer marketing and an IM consultant.

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