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Internet trolling can be as petty as name-calling and as ominous as death threats. The Google subsidiary Jigsaw hopes to rein in online harassment with Conversation AI, a software that flags abusive language right away with laser-cut accuracy – or at least that’s the intention. Wired writer Andy Greenberg continues an essential conversation on technology, censorship and human rights. For all who wonder about tech companies’ capacity to do good, getAbstract recommends this thought-provoking exploration.


Internet trolls have ravaged Twitter and other online forums for years, targeting minorities and women in particular. Tactics include name-calling, releasing nude photos of targets, and making threats of rape or murder. Governments have been known to leverage trolls to silence critics. To combat abuse, Google subsidiary Jigsaw is developing new software called Conversation AI. The tool automatically flags harassment more effectively than human moderators or keyword filters currently can.

Founded by former US State Department employee Jared Cohen, Jigsaw develops products to...

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Andy Greenberg is technology journalist and senior writer at Wired.

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