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It’s Even Worse Than You Think book summary
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Noted Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston proves a harsh critic of President Donald Trump. He asserts, among other things, that Trump profits from his position as president by charging the Secret Service and other federal employees and officials full price to stay at his properties; staffs his administration with unqualified appointees; and has forsaken the working-class voters and retired soldiers he promised to champion. As a reporter, Johnston has scored big scoops, such as securing part of a Trump tax return, and here he contends that Trump committed income tax fraud. He covers important territory, though his strident tone won’t win converts. Trump’s supporters may use it as a reason to think less of this report, but Johnston’s impressive professional record stands behind his in-depth study. While noting that the opinions expressed are the author’s, getAbstract recommends his outraged overview to political enthusiasts.

About the Author

David Cay Johnston is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author. His previous books include The Making of Donald Trump, Divided and Perfectly Legal.



Boastful, Needy and Self-Centered

Throughout the history of the United States, presidents have made America’s interests their top priority. Donald Trump is the first president who seems to lack the ability to put others first. Boastful, combative, self-centered and needy, his track record shows that he places his ego above the demands of his position and the needs of the nation.

Trump spends hours watching television every day, mostly so he can see news about himself. His public pronouncements contain multiple inconsistencies. In addition to enriching himself, Trump seems bent on dismantling the foundations of government. After taking office, he set about hiring “termites” – appointees who would undermine and weaken the structure of the federal government. He placed an appointee who doesn’t believe in environmental protection in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. The person he named to head the Department of Education dislikes public schools. This should not be a surprise, considering how Trump operated in the private sector. He stiffed banks for billions and fraudulently took money from Trump University customers who thought his school...

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    R. H. 2 years ago
    I came here to read books, not to be insulted by left-leaning politics. Get rid of this garbage.
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      Karen Londo 2 years ago
      Hello Ryan, Thank you for your comment. getAbstract is a politically neutral company. We try to cover books of wide public interest from all points of view. Thus encompassing the entire spectrum of political and business viewpoints internationally.