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It’s Who You Know

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It’s Who You Know

How a Network of 12 Key People Can Fast-Track Your Success


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Learn how networking benefits you, how to manage your network, and who to recruit or avoid.

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In today’s hyper-connected world, success depends on smart networking. People must network with one another to get ahead. For most introverts, this is a big problem. They don’t know how to network effectively. Most extroverts like the idea of networking per se. However, like introverts, they often don’t know how to network efficiently. They think networking should be transactional, not transformational. This ultimately makes networking a shallow – and usually unproductive – undertaking. Janine Garner – founder of the women’s networking community LBDGroup – teaches introverts and extroverts alike how to tackle networking. She explains why it is essential, how it benefits you, how to manage it and what types of people you should recruit (and avoid). She shows you why your network hinges on four core members and 12 key people you must select carefully. getAbstract recommends Garner’s guide to business students, entrepreneurs, the self-employed and anyone seeking to network effectively.


Networking Is Essential

Having a strong network has never been more important, yet few people handle it well. Most folks connect with others in limited, one-dimensional and “transactional” ways. Successful networking is much more than simply collecting business cards, gathering Twitter followers, amassing a small army on Facebook or lining up LinkedIn contacts. These cursory connections are pretty much worthless. Such a paint-by-the-numbers approach is exactly the wrong way to network. Genuine networking calls for having solid knowledge about the people in your network and building deep, positive relationships with them.  A worthwhile network is “inspirational” and “transformational,” not merely transactional. Its quality matters more than its quantity, and it includes diverse people with a range of backgrounds, experience and expertise.

To take control of the networking process and make it work for you, become the master architect and developer of your network. Decide whom to include and how to get them to join. Connecting with others for networking purposes begins with a three-step process:

  1. “Reach out” – Tap into ...

About the Author

Janine Garner, a partner at Thought Leaders Global and the founder and CEO of the LBDGroup, facilitates workshops on how to build connected networks that accelerate success.

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    A. C. 6 years ago
    Very challenging and easy to action.
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    Very well written in simple words
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    N. M. 7 years ago
    What a thought jerker! The abstract is really valuable and comprehensive. I feel like I now understand with whom in network I need to nurture a relationship with and why. Thank you

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