I’ve Spent a Lifetime Building a Mighty Network. Here Are My Secrets.

I’ve Spent a Lifetime Building a Mighty Network. Here Are My Secrets.

Backchannel, 2015

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Does networking make you cringe? Isn’t it enough to have a LinkedIn profile? Experienced writer and media guru Karen Wickre provides a wealth of practical advice about personal networks. She dispels myths about what they are, how they work and what’s really required to maintain them. Her approach is refreshingly warm, genuine and human. A personal network is not about having a big LinkedIn or Facebook following. It’s about bringing people together in ways that help them, and sometimes you get something out of it, too. getAbstract recommends Wickre’s counsel to people needing inspiration for growing and maintaining their networks.


Like it or not, everyone needs a personal network. Modern career paths involve changing jobs more often than ever before; more people are freelancing and most people want to be more connected. Building a valuable source of help, inspiration and leads can be enjoyable.

Personal networks evolve organically with time and shared experiences. They can be made up of old school friends, former colleagues, contacts from conferences, recruiters and friends of friends. However, commenting on each other’s posts on social media ...

About the Author

Karen Wickre is a curator and editor and the owner of KVOX Media.

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