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Launch Your Career

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Launch Your Career

How ANY Student Can Create Relationships with Professionals and Land the Jobs and Internships They Want


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Leverage the Career Launch Method to build your network and supercharge your job search.

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Are you graduating from college soon and feeling nervous about or frustrated by your hunt for jobs or valuable internships? Are you a career counselor looking to help students with their career launches? In this thoughtful and practical text, career coach and teacher Sean O’Keefe offers actionable methods and strategies to help young people achieve their professional goals. The author’s eight-step Career Launch Method leads readers through the process of learning about career options, building a professional network and gaining access to new work-related opportunities.


All job sites, worldwide, display a mere 20% of jobs and internships available.

Landing jobs and internships is a prime source of stress for many soon-to-be college graduates. Rather than waste time submitting hundreds of applications to online job postings, learn to access the hidden job market: work opportunities accessible only through personal connections, which make up some 80% of available jobs.

Don’t wait for opportunities to appear; build the professional relationships that lead to career success. While everyone should take advantage of job postings and career fairs, find ways to become a recommended candidate for any position that becomes available at your targeted employers. With new jobs and industries appearing every day, you need a flexible approach. Regard each step of your career journey – including rejections – as a learning opportunity. Keep a lookout for new skills to master or job functions to explore. Mistakes are part of the process. 

Don’t let myths about career success mislead you.

Don’t let these myths impede you from pursuing your dream job:

  1. Your major determines your career 

About the Author

Sean O’Keefe is the founder, partner and chief impact officer for Career Launch, a social enterprise that partners with colleges and career programs. He teaches career and professional development courses at Santa Clara University.

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