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Leadership Qualities That Actually Benefit Your Team

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Leadership Qualities That Actually Benefit Your Team

World Economic Forum,

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Organizational psychologist and author Adam Grant discusses leadership styles and leaving FOMO behind.

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In a video interview at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, author and organizational psychologist Adam Grant talked with Business Insider editor Sarah Silverstein about how to select – or elect – leaders, how narcissism can be positive and why you should forget about fear-of-missing-out (FOMO). To be happy, Grant suggests, instead of bemoaning something you missed, be joyful you’re not doing something you loathe. In this lively interview, Grant offers new ways to view your leaders and yourself. 


Executives often select managers who can’t manage. Do people elect leaders who can’t lead?

Often company leaders select managers based on qualities that aren’t connected to their ability to manage. Does this mistake also apply to electing political leaders? How do the characteristics that cause people to vote for someone correlate with the candidate’s ability to lead?

This is a negative correlation, because the traits that attract many people from afar can be poisonous when you are nearby. People who don’t know a narcissist well may regard him or her as confident, engaging and often visionary. If you work closely with a narcissist, though, you know that he or she doesn’t take responsibility for failures, doesn’t listen and always steals the credit. Team members who put these...

About the Speakers

Host Sarah Silverstein, an editor-at-large for the US news website Business Insider, interviews organizational psychologist, author and Wharton Business School professor Adam Grant.

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