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Marketing in the Age of Google

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Marketing in the Age of Google

Your Online Strategy Is Your Business Strategy


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Intelligent guide to search engine optimization for business, marketing and sales growth

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The more visitors come to your website, the more links it will have, the more people will look for it and the more sales you will achieve. The search is the consumer’s door to your site and search engine optimization (SEO) is the key. Some self-proclaimed SEO “experts” recommend using “link farms,” “spammy keywords” and verbose “nonsense” websites. These charlatans represent the dark side of the legitimate search strategy consulting offered by proven authorities like Vanessa Fox. A former Google executive, Fox explains how your company can create and implement an intelligent “search acquisition strategy.” The right approach calls for purposeful development of online content. You want searchers to click through to your website and find it relevant, so they buy your merchandise. getAbstract recommends Fox’s book as a pivotal SEO guide for marketing managers, website content developers and online sales professionals.


Searching Every Day

People conduct 29 million searches every minute worldwide. Fifty percent of Americans carry out a daily internet search. Ninety percent do so monthly. These numbers will only continue to grow. Companies seeking sales growth must develop effective “search strategies” and mine the vast data that searches reveal to understand their customers. Many businesses employ services like Google AdWords for paid search – buying ads that accompany particular searches. However, greater opportunity resides in organic, nonpaid search, that is, “results that are algorithmically generated.” While companies spend 88% of their “online search dollars” on paid searches, 85% of searchers choose organic results.

Searches represent vast marketing research. Savvy companies can use search data to determine what their customers want and give it to them. To exploit the billions of daily internet searches, establish search metrics, coordinate your online and offline marketing, and create a “search acquisition strategy” that takes full advantage of potential customers’ “searching behavior.” Begin with organic search results. Searchers always click on the leading organic result...

About the Author

Consultant and speaker Vanessa Fox, an expert on search engine strategy, served as Google’s spokesperson to website owners on how its search algorithm works.

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    A. 1 decade ago
    Wow, great stat: "While companies spend 88% of their "online search dollars" on paid searches, 85% of searchers chose organic results". This summary really makes you rethink your marketing strategy and not only educates you on the subject but gives you great action points. What does everyone think about the "Actionable Analytics"? Anyone know of someone that does these "testing and usability surveys" and how they work?