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Mastering Coaching

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Mastering Coaching

Practical Insights for Developing High Performance

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Coaching legend Max Landsberg supplies valuable tools and techniques that coaches can use to help their clients or employees and themselves.

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This classic by Max Landsberg, the author of the bestseller The Tao of Coaching, shows his deep understanding of how coaches can help their clients or employees achieve their goals. Landsberg shares his mastery of standard coaching tools and suggests numerous techniques and approaches that coaches can adopt and modify from other fields. His manual’s case histories bring its lessons alive for readers who lead others. getAbstract recommends this short but in-depth guidebook to coaches and other professionals who are working to get better at their jobs.


Coaching Tools and Challenges

Imagine the letter T as a symbol of professional coaching. The horizontal bar represents a coach’s variety of clients, assignments and challenges. The vertical bar represents the selection of professional tools, systems, techniques and approaches available to coaches. To strengthen their vertical bar, coaches can adapt proven concepts from a variety of fields, including “neuroscience, sports psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness” and “experiential learning.”


Neuroscience finds that brains remain plastic or malleable. The brain can rewire itself and develop new brain cells. Understanding the brain’s regenerative capacity can help coaches in their work. Brain researcher Jeffrey Schwartz refers to coaching as “facilitating self-directed neuroplasticity.”

Neuroscience also offers insights into the process of personal change. For instance, it has established that visualizing yourself engaging in an activity sparks the same part of the brain that becomes alert when you physically perform that activity. Urge clients to clearly visualize themselves doing something they want to accomplish.


About the Author

Author of The Tao of Coaching, The Tao of Motivation and The Tools of Leadership, Max Landsberg is a recognized authority on executive coaching, development and leadership.

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