Mastering the Art of Public Speaking
A review of

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

8 Secrets to Overcome Fear and Supercharge Your Career

Speak with Confidence

by David Meyer

Executive coach Michael J. Gelb, a prolific self-help author, offers a basic blueprint for everyone who is fearful of public speaking.

Michael J. Gelb, an executive presentation coach for major international corporations, teaches at the Gabelli School of Business in New York City and at the London Business School. He offers techniques to fuel your comfort and success as a public speaker, and he shows you how to develop the “clarity and presence” essential for quality presentations.

Many authors famous for their public presentations praise Gelb for his, and for condensing his years of successful presentations into this accessible how-to book. Experienced public speakers, however, will find little new or necessary here. Gelb aims at the inexperienced, and those who are approaching public speaking for the first time or with trepidation will value his sound, basic advice.

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