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Millennials’ Guide to Management & Leadership

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Millennials’ Guide to Management & Leadership

What No One Ever Told You About How to Excel as a Leader

Jennifer Wisdom,

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What's inside?

This handy reference will help millennials, and all new managers, tackle the challenges of leadership.

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Are you looking to step into a leadership role or unsure how to tackle your first few daunting weeks as a new manager? Or maybe you’re not sure how to approach a difficult boss? In this clear, practical text, career coach and clinical psychologist Jennifer P. Wisdom offers help with these and other challenges you might encounter as you pursue a management or leadership position. Wisdom wrote her book as a handy reference guide for new managers, so you can quickly navigate to the sections that are most relevant for you to discover a range of options for addressing even the most challenging situations.


Stepping into a leadership role requires consideration and preparation.

When you’re trying to decide if taking a leadership role is right for you, consider your values and priorities. Think about how you’ve dealt with difficult situations in the past, and what principles have guided your decisions. Reflecting on these factors will help you determine the best direction for your career.

Being hired for a management role – or moving up to one – often requires groundwork. To prepare, behave like a leader in your current work environment, regardless of your job title. Acting like a leader might include focusing on solutions, helping resolve conflicts, boosting team morale, and so on. Consider engaging in additional training or attending relevant classes. Network in your field and within your organization – particularly with your senior leaders. Look for cross-departmental projects you could join that are outside your regular job. Set specific, measurable goals for yourself that challenge you and lead you toward fulfilling your major life purpose.

To manage a team, learn to manage yourself.

When you...

About the Author

Career coach and clinical psychologist Jennifer P. Wisdom is a managing principal of Jennifer Wisdom Consulting.

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