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Mind Hacking

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Mind Hacking

How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days

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Hack and reprogram your bug-ridden “mental loops” to unlock your full potential.

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Prankish entrepreneur Sir John Hargrave believes the mind revolution is underway. Once befuddled by drugs and alcohol, he drew on his coding background to hack his addiction and transform his life. He shares his system of objective mind training, offering ways to identify negative mental loops, generate fresh “positive loops” and embed them in your mind. Hargrave provides numerous “mind games” to build healthy patterns of concentration and “meta thinking.” This humorous, candid, practical guide offers a 21-day challenge of playful personal mind transformation. Freethinkers, innovators and those struggling with obsessive thinking will find intriguing solutions.


Just as honorable, exploratory hacking of computers gave birth to the digital world, “mind hacking” revolutionizes and systematizes the world of thought.

Playing a prank, author John Hargrave tried to get a credit card in Barack Obama’s name. One consequence was a visit from the US Secret Service the day after Obama became the official 2008 presidential nominee. And another result was that Hargrave’s wife threatened to leave him if he didn’t get sober. Abandoning drink and drugs was the “mind hack” that led him to change his mental habits. He leveraged his lifelong love of programming t0 develop a routine for resetting his mind, poring over research to create active, measurable formulas and games he could use to address his faulty thinking. He shares the formula that worked for him to help you unlock your mind’s amazing potential to enrich your life.

While working at Hewlett Packard in the mid-1970s, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs came up with a new idea: Sell a prebuilt computer. Their Apple I machine give birth to the digital society. At the time, the term “hacking” implied...

About the Author

Sir John Hargrave leveraged his entrepreneurship into the content firm Media Shower. He also wrote Sir John Hargrave’s Mischief Maker’s Manual and Prank the Monkey.

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