New Power
A review of

New Power

How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World – and How to Make It Work for You

Power of the Crowd

by David Meyer

Social-engagement experts Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms celebrate the new power that impels broad-based social movements.

Social-engagement experts Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms explain that movements like #MeToo exert a new form of power that is participatory, collaborative and connected.

Fueled by social media’s reach and massive popular appeal, this power flows person to person in businesses like Uber, movements like Black Lives Matter and even terrorist groups like ISIS. New power, the authors say, is the power of the crowd. They assert that it will define the social, political and economic future. And they should know.  Heimans is CEO of Purpose, which builds and supports social movements, and Timms is president and CEO of the 92nd Street Y, co-founder of #GivingTuesday and founder of GetUp!, the massive non-partisan Australian political organization.

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