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Next Move, Best Move

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Next Move, Best Move

Transitioning Into a Career You'll Love


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Learn how to repackage your skills and transition into a new career.

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Professionals often change jobs, or even industries, throughout their lifetimes. Career development coach and professor Kimberly Brown has spent more than a decade teaching people how to take control of their careers and find fulfillment at work. In this helpful guide, Brown shares her journey through different careers and offers helpful lessons in determining when it’s time for a change, negotiating the right salary for your level of expertise and other aspects of career transitions. Brown encourages you to reinvent yourself, go after your dream job and take control of building your career.


Recognize when it’s time for a change.

There are seven reasons why you might want to leave your job or change careers:

  1. Your day-to-day work bores and does not challenge you, even when you exceed expectations and company goals.
  2. You realize you’ve outgrown your role and lack the power to make decisions, or changes constrain you.
  3. You haven’t received raises or compensation that reflect the time and energy you put into the company.
  4. There is a workplace conflict that negatively affects your professional abilities, and HR cannot resolve the issue.
  5. Personal life changes, such as a longer commute or starting a family, have made your job increasingly difficult.
  6. You’ve reached a glass ceiling and realize there are no more opportunities for upward mobility.
  7. Your company’s practices or policies don’t align with your values or sense of integrity.

Knowing when it’s time to leave goes beyond having a bad day at your job. Make sure you do everything you can to make your current role work, exhaust all available resources and put in adequate time to allow for change before deciding to leave...

About the Author

Kimberley Brown is a career coach, professor and career development director. 

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