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Notes to the President

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Notes to the President

How Business Leaders Would Reinvigorate the Economy

Aspen Institute,

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What immediate steps should the next US president take to revive the economy?

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As the 2016 US presidential election approaches, corporate leaders agree on one priority: The next president must “change the tone in Washington” in pursuit of early bipartisan economic wins that unify the nation. Aspen Ideas Festival’s panel of business leaders relays advice for the 45th US president, be it Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and outlines its policy preferences for the next four years. Though the conversation sometimes drifts off on tangents, getAbstract recommends this discussion to US corporate leaders, America’s electorate and the next US president.


A panel of business experts spanning several fields convened to discuss the steps the next US president should take within the first 100 days of office to revive the economy. The panelists agreed that repairing America’s “Third World” infrastructure, defining an immigration policy and undertaking long overdue tax reform are top priorities. According to a leader within the retail sector, primary economic policy issues include supporting the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurship, bolstering local manufacturing, and strengthening the US government’s partnerships with...

About the Speakers

David Rubenstein is a co-founder of The Carlyle Group, an asset management firm. Horacio Rozanski is CEO of Booz Allen Hamilton. Henry Cisneros founded CityView, an investment management and development firm. Rosalind Brewer is CEO of Sam’s Club. Gillian Tett is the US managing director of the Financial Times.

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