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Organize Your Office

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Organize Your Office

Simple Routines for Managing Your Workspace


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What's inside?

If you can’t find this abstract in the clutter on your desk, if you spend half the day looking for things, if you wouldn’t be able to find this book even if you bought it, then buy it.

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Ronni Eisenberg’s book demonstrates how your work habits can be your best friends or your worst enemies when it comes to organizing your office productively. The book is a mixture of common-sense suggestions and useful organizational tips. She includes helpful hints for home-office workers and organizational tips for those who use personal digital devices. At times, it’s a little too intricate (you may feel you are getting detailed instructions on how to tie your shoes), however, it also offers organizational gems. getAbstract recommends this book for both the organizationally impaired and the retentive neat freaks who seek ever-greater heights of efficiency.


Your Calendar

Your personal and professional organization begins with your calendar. Today’s businessperson can select among calendars in a variety of formats.

When you are choosing a calendar, consider these factors:

  • Your calendar should be comprehensive, with room for all of your reminders as well as a modest telephone directory. You may need a section where you can keep track of accomplished work items and work-related expenses.
  • A two-page spread for each day gives you plenty of room for notes.
  • A month-at-a-glance feature enables you to plan in advance.
  • Many electronic calendar systems are modeled after paper calendars, so when you are shopping for a computerized calendar system, tell the sales person what type of hard copy calendar you prefer.
  • Avoid the temptation to use more than one calendar. If you do use more than one calendar, all appointments must be recorded on both calendars.
  • Your calendar must be portable. If you keep your calendar on a PC, print out a hard copy to take with you.
  • Make sure you have a backup copy, whether your calendar is on computer or on paper.
  • Photocopy your telephone...

About the Authors

Ronni Eisenberg  teaches organizational skills as a featured presenter at lectures and workshops nationwide. She makes her home in Westport, Connecticut, where she and her husband manage to find time to raise three children. Co-author Kate Kelly  owns and operates her own publishing business in Westchester County, New York.

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