Our Malady
A review of

Our Malady

Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary

Timothy SnyderCrown • 2020

Stop the Madness

by David Meyer

Noted historian Timothy Snyder details the dysfunction of the American health care system and proposes workable solutions.

Yale professor Timothy Snyder – author of the landmark, multiple-award-winning Bloodlands – recognizes that most Americans know their health care system doesn’t work. Even for the insured, health care proves inefficient, unequal and prohibitively expensive. The problem is so complex and seemingly intractable that many Americans simply live with the wrenching status quo. 

Snyder wrote this eloquent exploration after experiencing a life-threatening illness. He argues a moral case for health care reform – which he regards as lying at the heart of liberty and democracy – and offers a compelling explanation for the need and potential for change.

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