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Power Moves

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Power Moves

How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose


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What's inside?

Career Contessa founder Lauren McGoodwin shows how you to take control of your career.

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Career Contessa founder Lauren McGoodwin combines an inspirational call-to-action for working women with an intimate chat packed with career advice. She provides templates, tables and a new vocabulary you can use to identify your goals. Well-organized and methodical, McGoodwin leads you through the maze of corporate hiring and career planning. Her insights and suggestions add up to a powerful plan for changing how you think about your career. Whether you hold an entry-level job or are heading for the executive suite, you can apply McGoodwin’s “Power Moves” to jumpstart or rekindle your belief in your career and your abilities.


Learn to distinguish reality from media fantasies about work to create your own professional path.

Many of the expectations millennial women have for their careers come from TV, movies and online media. The work-life scenarios these sources portray are seductive, but unreal.

Lauren McGoodwin graduated from college during the recession in 2009, did all the so-called right things, and still ended up in a dead-end job. McGoodwin realized she needed to look internally to define the career she wanted. This led her to create “Power Moves,” which helped her become a recruiter at Hulu and eventually an entrepreneur when she decided to launch her business, Career Contessa, to support women and their careers.

Put Power Moves to work for your career.

When you make decisions that move you toward the career you want, you are making power moves. Use these actions repeatedly in your life, not just as a one-time attempt to change.

Even subtle power moves can positively affect how you feel about yourself and your life. Your moves could include asking for a raise or promotion, mentoring, volunteering or investing. Smaller actions...

About the Author

Lauren McGoodwin founded Career Contessa, a site to help women with their careers, in 2013.

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