Rebooting AI
A review of

Rebooting AI

Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust

Don’t Believe the Hype

by David Meyer

AI researchers and prolific authors Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis offer a wide-ranging, readable refutation of myths about AI capability and its likely threat or service to humankind.

Leaders in AI research Gary Marcus – author of Guitar Zero – and Ernest Davis – author of Representations of Commonsense Knowledge believe that AI engineers focus too much on deep learning that relies mostly on statistical models and not enough on cognitive processes. Without true understanding of the world, AI cannot reliably navigate vehicles, empower robots or make ethical decisions. For AI to change lives, they insist, it must resemble the human mind.


Marcus and Davis’s thesis is that current AI lacks the scope to be a threat or a great boon. Robots don’t know how to turn doorknobs, let alone enslave humans.

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