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How you interpret life’s defining moments affects the trajectory of your life. Social psychologist Timothy Wilson suggests that you can seize control of your destiny by “redirecting” your inner narratives. In this lecture, he explains how “story editing” can help to overcome negative thinking and tackle problems as diverse as teenage pregnancy and group conflict. getAbstract suggests Wilson’s refreshing outlook to anyone mired in negativity who wants to develop the capacity to see the upside in situations.

About the Speaker

Timothy Wilson, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, is the author of Redirect.



The stories you tell yourself about the world determine how you handle adversity. External conditions play a significant role, too, but two people with similar backgrounds may interpret a comparable situation very differently. Consider students Meghan and Sarah: Both excelled in high school, but each failed her first college exam. Meghan told herself that she wasn’t smart enough to succeed in college, and she didn’t study for the next test. She received another low grade, which reinforced her self-doubt, trapping her in a “pessimism cycle.” In contrast, Sarah interpreted her grade as...

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